If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join’ Em: Random Thoughts on YAHOO & FACEBOOK

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  • on April 3rd, 2012
502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway



If you can’t beat em, join em.

Facebook $FB is now officially in a pissing match with Yahoo! after  recent news that Facebook bought 750 IBM patents to try and counteract Yahoo’s  $YHOO patent suit against Facebook…


Instead of fighting each other and creating lasting animosity between the companies, why don’t they merge?

Reasons why it’s a “win-win”:

1. They each have what the other needs/lacks in order to make one “all-in-one” platform for the internet consumer

2. They each have a common enemy – Google  $GOOG .They each have a common partner – Microsoft $MSFT

3. Yahoo! $YHOO would help Zynga $ZNGA tremendously and in turn, help Facebook $FB

4. The momentum created by a Facebook-Yahoo merger would dissipate any of the post-IPO fears and then create

   a situation where the merged result becomes a classic target of Microsoft  $MSFY in its war against Apple $AAPL  and Google  $GOOG

5. Social media gains momentum  to the point of being a benchmark sector that index funds must invest in and Facebook-Yahoo is the bellwether. (FA_HOO! YA-BOOK?)

6. Yahoo! management will likely step aside now that Zuckerberg has someone like Sheryl Sandberg as day-to-day boss-an adult at the kid’s table as it were . . .

Now quit reading this and get back to Farmville.


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